Moisturize Your Mane!

Being a cosmetologist, I have met so many women that do not moisturize their hair daily. No matter the ethnic background, hair texture type or age, some women are neglecting their hair. The top reason I receive from some women who don’t moisturize their strands is “Lazy-Nessssssssssssssss”.

Common Sense:

Your hair follicles are an extension of you skin. If you moisturize your skin daily then why not do the same to your hair. You apply lotion or cream to your skin to keep it soft, pliable, shiny and smooth.Why not apply the same concept to your hair?

Trichology Explanation:

Applying a daily moisturizer to your hair strands will help to keep the cuticle layer closed. The cuticle layer is the most important part of the hair strand. It is the outer most layer which provides the hair and body with protection against the environment (hot or cold), pollution and even vigorous brushing or combing. When the cuticle layer is closed, the hair strand is softer, shinier, smoother and more pliable because there are no breaks or porous openings in the hair stand.

Give Your Hair Proctection, NOT Pain! Moisturize Your Mane!

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