Dandruff Dilemma

Moisturizing your mane is very important. More importantly, knowing the correct products to use. Use (in small amount) a product that has the consistency of oil or spray that usually leaves no residue. If you are currently using cream, pomade, heavy greases or gel, these products leave residue on the hair, which can cause dandruff.

Common Sense:

All skin cells die and flake off everyday. These cells are usually too small to be visible. You ask “ Where Do They Go?” The flakes are brushed or combed out daily into the environment. If there is a sticky substance on the scalp, this will prevent dead skin cells from flaking off. Everyday more and more flakes will appear and attach to the flake from the previous day. This causes a build up. The size of the flakes increases and becomes more noticeable. Thus, the birth of Dandruff.

Trichology Explanation:

Dandruff a.k.a Scurf or historically known as Pityriasis Capitis is the inability of proper exfoliation of scalp’s dead skin cells, salt from perspiration, sebum (oil from sebaceous gland), environmental pollutants and containment particles. If there is a blockage of the pores in the scalp, it is very difficult to remove dead skin cells, salt and sebum from the hair. It would need a small amount of chemical found in most shampoos or astringents to wash and rinse dead cells, salt and sebum away.

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