Wash Your Weave!

If you are wearing false hair ( wigs, hairpieces, hair weft, tracks or braided extensions), you must remember to keep your own natural hair clean. So many women put on extensions and automataically think that they do not have to touch their hair ( for months at a time). WRONG! You must still care for your own hair during this time. In some instances, you might have to care for your own hair even more.

Common Sense:

You wash the skin on your body Everyday! The scalp is skin on the top of your head that must be cleansed on a regular basis also. I do not advise washing your hair everyday because you will strip it of its natural oils but atleast once a week is sufficient.

Trichology Explanation:

You must keep your scalp more so while wearing false hair because environment pollutants, dead skills and perspiration can stay trapped in the extensions. This cause hair to smell, itch and could lead to more severe hair/scalp conditions ( dandruff, dermatitia,psoriasis etc.). Shampooing regularly scrubs and rinses away all of the impurities on the scalp and hair that was left from the previous day.


Don’t think, I don’t see you females patting your head to stop the itching. Well, I would think all that patting would knock some sense into you.

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