Help For Hairpulling ( Trichotillomania)#1

Obsessive compulsive hairpulling or best known as Trichotillomania is more common than most people think. It is a self inflicted form of stress relief. The majority of my clientele has this nervous condition. My clientele is the inspiration for new combative techniques to help cope with Trichotillomania. I am not an advocate of medications and personally do not think that work for people with Trich.

The best way, I know, to deal with Trich is behavioral therapy. Basically retraining someone’s mind to do something else to gain stress relief that will not result in self harm.

My newest suggestion is Bubble Wrap. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like to play with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is the free bonus gift with any package delivery you receive.

You can buy Bubble Wrap from any office supply store ( Staples, Office Depot, etc.). Once purchased, you can cut into little squares and keep it in your bag or pocket. Whenever you get nervous, stress,anxious etc. pull it out or keep concealed in your bag and pop away! I honestly believe this will calm you down.

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If you have any other suggestion,please post it. I would appreciate all new information.

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