Healthy Snacks For Healthy Strands!

We have all heard this statment before: “Eating the correct foods can result in endless health benefits”. We all know that the correct foods consist mainly of fruits and vegetables because they are rich in compounds called phytonutrients….But Which fruit and vegetables gives us the greatest health benefit for our hair?

I have recently found the answer: Yellow fruits and vegetables. Any food that is saturated with this natural color is known to help boost the immune system. Consequently, If your immune system is healthy then your hair will be in top notch shape.

Most hair loss conditions found in women are side effects of autoimmune problems or stress. If you incorporate more yellow fruits and vegetables in your diet, it will help strengthen your immune system so you can fight off many of those autoimmune problems such as Hyper thyroidism, Hypo thyroidism, alopecia areata and etc.

So help your hair strands become healthier by eating peaches, bananas, squash,corn, sweet potato or etc.

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