Tracks TKO ( Machine Wefts)

Machine wefts are a thing of the past. I can’t believe that most beauty supply store and hair salons are still selling machine wefts. For your information, hair tracks that are created by the machine wefted method are usually contain a bulkier and thicker base than other hair pieces and wefts. The base of the machine weft makes it difficult to blend the weft with your own natural hair.

Common Sense:

Usually women use wefted hair as an affordable choice of hair extension. I understand that you are trying to be fashionably up to date and simultaneously cost efficient…..But the common result of attaching any type of extension is that it should look believable or atleast consistent with your own hair.

It is very hard to achieve a believable result with thick wefts. When usinig machine wefts, the attachment method is usually visible to the naked eye…Seeing the lumps and bumps of a machine wefted weave is definitely not fashionable.

But then you ask: ” What other type of hair extension can I use that is better than the Machine Weft but won’t cost and arm,a leg and a couple of teeth?”LOL . There are hand-tied wefts, Matrix hairpieces, and micro-thin skin wefts; to name a few. For more information about these products, go to Sweet Serenity

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