Triumph Over Traction Alopecia #1 (Braids)

Traction alopecia is forceful extraction of hair fibers out the scalp. This common hair loss condition can be caused by tight ponytails, braids, weaves, wigs, certain hats and even Trichotillomania. It can be found on many adults and as well as children. In this post, I would like to start to move toward victory by first discussing Braids. I definetly believe that cornrows, box braids, flat twist, single twist etc. are all healthy hair style choices for your hair.

With that being said, now you ask ” How do these healthy hair style choices produce hair loss?”

It actually depends on the person performing the braiding service. Both licensed and non-licensed cosmetologist can cause traction alopecia to start because of the tension that is used while making the braid. Some people have the notion ” The tighter the braid, then the longer the style will stay”.That statement is completely false. Braids can be secure without harsh pulling or extreme tension on the hair fibers and scalp.

It is unfortunate that even children can get traction alopecia, but there are ways to prevent it. Below are a few tips to help Triuph over Traction Alopecia:

1) Try not to braid hair back all the time.

2) If adding extensions, try to avoid tight braiding around the hairline. The follicles are more porous and fragile in this area.

3) There should be a cushion of hair under each individual corn row you do.

4) Do not keep braided extensions intermingled with your own hair over a long period of time ( More than 2 months). It is supposed to be a temporary  hair style.

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