Conditioner is Not a Cure ALL!

I am not sure when most hair salons adopted the notion that conditioner is the cure all for any hair damage situation. Well, Let me be the first to state “ Conditioner is not a Cure ALL!“. The function of conditioner is to close the cuticle layer ( outer most layer) of the hair shaft.When the cuticle layer is closed, the hair strand has protection against the environmental pollutent, heat and other dangerous conditionthat could cause harm to your hair. There are two types of Conditioners : Rebuilding/reconstructing and Basic.

Basic conditioner is used only after shampoo. All Shampoos have low level of chemical to help loosen the dirt and remove the dirt, salt and oil from the hair strands. During this process, the cuticle layer is slightly opened. Basic conditioner is used to close the cuticle. Then the hair strands are less likely to split or tangle.

Rebuilding/reconstucting conditioner has the same function as basic conditioner but is stronger and only used after chemical services ( relaxers, perms, permanent hair color, and texturizers). Since all of those chemical services consist of high level chemicals , It completely opens the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair strand. The rebuilder/reconstructor is strong enough to completely close cuticle if used properly succeeding a neutralizing or pH balancing shampoo.

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