Accurate Alopecia Analysis

 Dermatologist have the ability to analyze the scalp for most hair disorders. My recent  customer consultations have alerted to the lack of care by medical professionals. During my consultation, I asked  rountine diagnosed questions. I was astonished by the reactions. The potential clients did not know any answers to the questions. This prompted me to write this post which will discuss the composition of a complete diagnosis by a Dermatologist.

There are several things that Dermatologist should test before giving you an accurate alopecia analysis:

1) You must have blood work done to see if  the hair loss is caused by an autoimmune problem, genetics or forceful extraction.

2) They should take a sample of your hair around the area of hair loss to test.

3) The should perform a biopsy or ” Scalp Scraping” to test the cells is area of hair loss.

After Receiving all of these results, the Dermatologist should be able to give you a clear, concise and complete diagonosis.

Information provide by Sweet Serenity LLC 

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