Summer Solution for Summer Hair!

The Summer months are hot and  can cause skin, scalp and hair to be sticky. I know that no one enjoys that feeling. Most of my clients have told me that they usually remedy this problem by washing their hair more frequently. Unfortunately, that remedy can make the problem worse.

There is a better solution which is Astrigent. Astringent has a gentle cleansing quality that rinses away all impurities from the skin and scalp. It does not strip away vital oils that the skin and scalp needs to stay soft and pliable. You can use this as a great alternative to reduce the frequency of shampooing.

Trichology Explanation

During the summer, the skin and scalp produces more sweat for biological air conditioning and oil for sun protection. Environmental pollutants and bacteria attach to your hair causing it to smell and feel “Dirty”. If you shampoo your hair more frequently, it will completely strip the impurities and beneficial oils from your hair. Your body will respond by working furiously to produce even more oil and sweat. To combat dirt and keep hair and scalp balanced ( free from “Dirt”,sustaining a significant oil level for sun protection and the release of sweat for body cooling ), using astringent is essential.

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