The Truth About Lacefront Wigs

Lace front wigs, the entertainment industry has promoted them and the cosmetology industry has capitalize from them. Lace front wigs are hand crafted with material ( nylon ). Hair Fibers are hand tied strand by strand to the ventilated base. It must be attached to the head with an adhesive solution or double sided tape. They have become the newest and biggest trend of believable hair extension but to what extent will you sacrifice your health for a hairstyle?

The damage of your natural hair is overshadowed by the promise of beautiful fake strands and undetectable hair lines. Step into the light ,Ladies! The use of adhesive ( weave bond, keratin adhesive, double sided tape, etc.) to attach hair to your head is not safe. Do you not understand that the apoxy from the adhesive will be absorbed into your pores and the result can be devasting.

It might not happen today but similar to HIV, it can take time slowly attacking your body. Health First ! Hair style Second!!!!

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