Zinc: The Beauty Superhero

Zinc is to the rescue!!!!!!!! Usually found in most lean meats, kiwi, avocado and even caviar has scientifically been proven to be beneficial for hair, nails and skin. It is the hottest new mineral that has been recently added as a key ingredient to most beauty products. Here’s a list of the incredible things that Zinc can do:

1) Helps to eliminate and fights symptoms that causes Dandruff.

2) Keeps hair growing stronger and longer.

3) Reduces acne.

4) Fights cold sores.

5) Combats Eczema

6) Helps to clarify and repair skin tone.

7) Prevents cuticle damage due to scratching and itching.

To make sure your hair, nails and skin gets their healthy dose of Zinc everyday, Look for beauty products that contain pyrithione zinc (ZPT).

information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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