Wearing Hats in the Winter

The winter season has arrived and protecting your body  is imperative. Wearing a warm hat will not only keep you warm but can also provide powerful protection against the cold environment. How you ask? Well let me explain.

The most sensitive parts of your body is where heat can escape. Usually heat escapes your body from the soles of your feet and the mole of your head. The mole of the head is the center most spot in the top crown area of your head. By Covering the mole of your head, you will automatically prohibit any heat from leaving your  body. Thus , using your own body temperature to keep you warm.

During winter months, the air is usually  very dry which is good because bacteria can not live to long  in  cold temperature.  That is why bacteria loves to enter our bodies because we are a  warm, moist  vessel for them to hibernate in until the weather is warmer.

Another benefit to covering your head with a hat is protecting your hair and scalp. Since the  cold , crisp air transmitted into the environment during this season is very dry. When exposed to it , our hair and scalp can become very dry also. Wearing a hat will lock in all moisture secreted or added to hair while a you are out in the environment. Be careful to wear a silk, satin or nylon scarf under your winter hats. Most winter hats are made out of fabrics such as wool or cotton that ,with friction from placement and removal of the hat, could lead to hair breakage and sometimes thinness.

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