Almond Oil towards Afro Control

Using almond oil in a natural, herbal conditioner to help with you afro texture hair. Almond oil seals the  cuticle layer of your curly tendrils. Sealing the cuticle layer encourages shine, creates softness, boost manageability and encourages growth. Below are the recipe and directions of use:

Almond Oil Conditioner

1 cup  rose floral water

1 tbs of jojoba oil

10 drops vitamin e oil

2 tbs of Almond oil

To make:

1)  Gently warm the rose water in the microwave.

2) Add the jojoba oil and almond oil.

3) pour mixture into a blender and add the vitamin E.

4) Blend at high speed for 2 minutes.

To use:

1) Wet hair with warm water.

2) Pour the conditioner onto your hair and scalp, massaging in thoroughly.

3) Leave onfor 10 minutes.

4) Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5) Shampoo lightly and rinse again with cool water.

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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Hair Spray is not so Harmful

All hair sprays contain alcohol and that can be very drying to hair. Subsequently that is its purpose. Hair Spray is used to freeze dry the hair. It closes the pores of the cuticle layers so the hair will not absorb any extra moisture from the environment. Curls will only fall during a humid day because hair strands absorbs the moisture from the environment and swell and become heavy. The  weight of the hair loosens your curls or weighs the hair down.

A great suggestion is to find a product that is contains a lower level of alcohol such as Clairol professional Sheer Mist. This product holds  style all day and protects hair from any weather condition. after using this product, the hair is touchable, flexible and shiny.

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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