Wefts: Machine vs. Hand tied vs. Skin

There are three major types of hair wefts that are used in hair extension services today in most hair salons.  There is no question that using hair wefts is an easy solution to enhance your natural growing especially if you are suffering from hair loss.  The only question is which kind of weft is best to use? Use the comparison chart below to help you decide which will work best for you:

ALL Machine Hand Tied Skin
Adds length and volume Can be cut to shorten the width Reusable for 1 year Apply to skin only
Unlimited colors, lengths and textures Reusable for 4 to 6 months Cannot be cut Could cause allergy
Thick Base Thin base Abrasive removal
Causes lumps in the hair Lays flat and flexible to the head Blends into scalp depending on the color of base
Excessive Shedding No shedding Expensive
General  Inexpensive Affordable Human Hair only
Human hair or Synthetic hair Human hair only
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Quick Weave…Slow Harm

There are many methods that are used to apply a “Quick Weave”. This post is highlighting a unique technique to applying machine wefted hair to a person’s head. This technique includes the use of glue and gel all in the same hair service. the steps to this method are:

1) Relax your hair or wash you hair if it is already natural straight or chemically straightened.

2) After wash, apply leave-in conditioner and wrap the wet hair around your head.

3) Seal the wrap with a thick layer of gel.

4) Sit under the dryer for 20-30 minutes until hair is dry and hard. This is now the prepared base for wefts.

5) Start attaaching wefts to the base with glue row by row until the head is covered.

6) Cut and style as desired.

Pro: You may achieve your desired final result much faster than a sewn in process.


1) Gel is drying to the hair because it contains alcohol.

2) Your scalp will not be able to breathe or receive moisture which is vital to healthy hair growth.

3) You will not be able to cleanse your scalp, which can result in clogged pores and dandruff.

4) Your hair will smell terrible because the scalp is unable to sloth off  dead skin cells, salt  and sebum emissions and shed any dead hair strands from the day before.

5) It will not last as long as a sewn in weave. frequent  reattachment of  the wets with the use of glue can cause long term damage to the hair shaft.

6) Machine wefts are bulky and will still cause some apparent lumps in the hair.

In conclusion, your hair will not benefit  from the use of this method.  In order to get  great hair extension results, you must have a healthy base. Any sewn in or strand by strand method would be ideal.

Information Provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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