Trick your Trich series: Volume 1

Trichotillomania may be episodic or continuous. Its intensity can fluctuate. Weeks, months,  and even years may pass and you may be nearly or completely free of hair pulling, only to have a sudden and unexplicable recurrence with either a high or low severity rate of damage to the  hair and scalp.

The best way to control your hair pulling habit is to find a hobby that you like that you will also need to use your hands. This series will highlight some of the more uncommon hobbies that you might have not thought about trying. all of the class highlighted in this series were chosen:

1) Stimulate your mind

2) Help you hands to focus on another target so you may release stress without pulling your hair.

The first Hobby is CANDLE and SOAP MAKING:
Everyone loves candles and bath soaps.You can learn how to make your own fabulous scented candle s and organic bath soaps. This hobby is relaxing and useful. With each candle or soap you make , you can use; give as gifts or create a home-  based business . Search for a class in your are and reap all the benefits.

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC

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