Dread Extensions for Dread Repair!

The Dread Lock hair style is a historical representation of how hair can be simple , strong and unique. Dreads are unquestionably beautiful but no one with them predicts a future with hair loss. This can certainly be the future for any dread locks wearer. Why you ask?

Trichological Explanation:

A dread lock is created when stray, frayed or roughened hair are coiled around each other with the use of several different techniques ( palm rolling, latch hook and two strand twist transitioning).

Each time the root of the dread lock is twisted each hanging tendril becomes heavier. On some dread heads the weight can weaken the roots. That can cause the hair to thin from the scalp. Leaving the scalp with widening scalp partings and bald spots.

The shaft can be experience damage from poor hair care maintenance. it can be lumpy and disfigured because of density change up the shaft of the hair. It can also have breakage points within the dread and weak or split ends causing slow and abnormal growth pattern.

Fortunately, there are several solution to fix a damaged and/or distorted dread lock.

My first Suggestion is to always follow a regimented sequence of hair care. Making sure you are getting routine trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Try to avoid trimming up along the sides of the shaft. Wash with shampoo and deep condition only once a month. Cleanse scalp with apple cider vinegar or witch hazel or pure aloe gel from the leave to control smells, sebum and salt secretion. Moisturize daily. Do an oil treatment every two weeks.

You may also suggest to your stylist to Join two or three of the dreads together in the most sensitive areas on the head ( hairline and top crown). This joining technique can strengthen the foundation of the dread lock but the stem will increase in width. This might be unflattering if you would like to have a small to medium size dread.

The best solution is using a dread extension. This will help to seal around your already formed dread and make it one smooth shape. Human extension hair can also be used to to wrap the root and strengthen the foundation gently without creating a larger width dread lock. It can also help with finishing ends or increasing length.

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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  1. I was in a fire a few years ago.my hair was damaged.I have dreadlocks and i went to have someone repair my hair.and what a mess she created..i can see the braided extension and i think it did more damage than good…i live in yonkers ny..is there any place near where i can go to have this mess corrected….Peace n blessings..

    • I would suggest contact a business name Sweet Serenity LLC. You can set a free consultation so the hair enhancement technician can access and suggest a solution to your hair issue.

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