Wefts: Machine vs. Hand tied vs. Skin

There are three major types of hair wefts that are used in hair extension services today in most hair salons.  There is no question that using hair wefts is an easy solution to enhance your natural growing especially if you are suffering from hair loss.  The only question is which kind of weft is best to use? Use the comparison chart below to help you decide which will work best for you:

ALL Machine Hand Tied Skin
Adds length and volume Can be cut to shorten the width Reusable for 1 year Apply to skin only
Unlimited colors, lengths and textures Reusable for 4 to 6 months Cannot be cut Could cause allergy
Thick Base Thin base Abrasive removal
Causes lumps in the hair Lays flat and flexible to the head Blends into scalp depending on the color of base
Excessive Shedding No shedding Expensive
General  Inexpensive Affordable Human Hair only
Human hair or Synthetic hair Human hair only
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Almond Oil towards Afro Control

Using almond oil in a natural, herbal conditioner to help with you afro texture hair. Almond oil seals the  cuticle layer of your curly tendrils. Sealing the cuticle layer encourages shine, creates softness, boost manageability and encourages growth. Below are the recipe and directions of use:

Almond Oil Conditioner

1 cup  rose floral water

1 tbs of jojoba oil

10 drops vitamin e oil

2 tbs of Almond oil

To make:

1)  Gently warm the rose water in the microwave.

2) Add the jojoba oil and almond oil.

3) pour mixture into a blender and add the vitamin E.

4) Blend at high speed for 2 minutes.

To use:

1) Wet hair with warm water.

2) Pour the conditioner onto your hair and scalp, massaging in thoroughly.

3) Leave onfor 10 minutes.

4) Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5) Shampoo lightly and rinse again with cool water.

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Hair Spray is not so Harmful

All hair sprays contain alcohol and that can be very drying to hair. Subsequently that is its purpose. Hair Spray is used to freeze dry the hair. It closes the pores of the cuticle layers so the hair will not absorb any extra moisture from the environment. Curls will only fall during a humid day because hair strands absorbs the moisture from the environment and swell and become heavy. The  weight of the hair loosens your curls or weighs the hair down.

A great suggestion is to find a product that is contains a lower level of alcohol such as Clairol professional Sheer Mist. This product holds  style all day and protects hair from any weather condition. after using this product, the hair is touchable, flexible and shiny.

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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Stress Management While You Shampoo

Unbearable stress is common for most women with hair loss. Hair loss is a difficult situation to handle especially for women. The best way to handle it is to create a stress management routine. Having a routine allows you to create an outlet for your stress and anxiety. Creating a a simple routine by including daily activities such as shampooing your hair can relieve much or your stress and anxiety.

The way to transform your shampooing experience into a powerful stress manager is by adding essential oils to you hair cleansing products. Adding essential oils such as eucalyptus, almond or cinnamon to your hair cleansing products will make shampooing you hair feel like an aromatherapy spa treatment. Using essential oils are both soothing and beneficial for scalp and hair. By the end of your shampooing experience , you will feel revive and stress free.

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The Truth About Lacefront Wigs

Lace front wigs, the entertainment industry has promoted them and the cosmetology industry has capitalize from them. Lace front wigs are hand crafted with material ( nylon ). Hair Fibers are hand tied strand by strand to the ventilated base. It must be attached to the head with an adhesive solution or double sided tape. They have become the newest and biggest trend of believable hair extension but to what extent will you sacrifice your health for a hairstyle?

The damage of your natural hair is overshadowed by the promise of beautiful fake strands and undetectable hair lines. Step into the light ,Ladies! The use of adhesive ( weave bond, keratin adhesive, double sided tape, etc.) to attach hair to your head is not safe. Do you not understand that the apoxy from the adhesive will be absorbed into your pores and the result can be devasting.

It might not happen today but similar to HIV, it can take time slowly attacking your body. Health First ! Hair style Second!!!!

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Conditioner is Not a Cure ALL!

I am not sure when most hair salons adopted the notion that conditioner is the cure all for any hair damage situation. Well, Let me be the first to state “ Conditioner is not a Cure ALL!“. The function of conditioner is to close the cuticle layer ( outer most layer) of the hair shaft.When the cuticle layer is closed, the hair strand has protection against the environmental pollutent, heat and other dangerous conditionthat could cause harm to your hair. There are two types of Conditioners : Rebuilding/reconstructing and Basic.

Basic conditioner is used only after shampoo. All Shampoos have low level of chemical to help loosen the dirt and remove the dirt, salt and oil from the hair strands. During this process, the cuticle layer is slightly opened. Basic conditioner is used to close the cuticle. Then the hair strands are less likely to split or tangle.

Rebuilding/reconstucting conditioner has the same function as basic conditioner but is stronger and only used after chemical services ( relaxers, perms, permanent hair color, and texturizers). Since all of those chemical services consist of high level chemicals , It completely opens the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair strand. The rebuilder/reconstructor is strong enough to completely close cuticle if used properly succeeding a neutralizing or pH balancing shampoo.

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Tracks TKO ( Machine Wefts)

Machine wefts are a thing of the past. I can’t believe that most beauty supply store and hair salons are still selling machine wefts. For your information, hair tracks that are created by the machine wefted method are usually contain a bulkier and thicker base than other hair pieces and wefts. The base of the machine weft makes it difficult to blend the weft with your own natural hair.

Common Sense:

Usually women use wefted hair as an affordable choice of hair extension. I understand that you are trying to be fashionably up to date and simultaneously cost efficient…..But the common result of attaching any type of extension is that it should look believable or atleast consistent with your own hair.

It is very hard to achieve a believable result with thick wefts. When usinig machine wefts, the attachment method is usually visible to the naked eye…Seeing the lumps and bumps of a machine wefted weave is definitely not fashionable.

But then you ask: ” What other type of hair extension can I use that is better than the Machine Weft but won’t cost and arm,a leg and a couple of teeth?”LOL . There are hand-tied wefts, Matrix hairpieces, and micro-thin skin wefts; to name a few. For more information about these products, go to Sweet Serenity LLC.com

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Hair Relaxer or HAir Remover?

I will start this post with simple chemistry. There are 3 types of hair relaxers: Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), No-lye (Guanidine Hydroxide) and Ammonium Thioglycolate. Most no-lye relaxers contain a chemical called Guanidine Hydroxide. Guanidine Hydroxide is made of guanidine carbonate + Calcium Hydroxide. Calcium Hydroxide is the key activating ingredient in most hair removers. Guanidine carbonate slows the speed of the Calcium Hydroxide to activate ( process the hair) in the hair relaxers.

More Shocking Information:

Both hair removers and hair relaxers affects the hair in the same way. They both open the cuticle layer and break the hydrogen and ionic bonds in the hair strands to change the hair structure. The hair relaxers just process slower and then is chemically stopped by the use of a Neutralizing Shampoo.

On the other hand, hair removers processing is not stopped or slowed down. They contain a higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide. Both hydrogen and Ionic bonds are broken down until they don’t exist and the hair strands completely melt off.

If left on for longer than the suggested time, hair relaxers can produce the same result.


Ask Yourself “Is my hair getting thinner with every relaxer I receive?”

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