Trim…It’s Important!

Everyone wants thick, beautiful and well performing hair. The best way to achieve this goal is to have routine trims. This concept of trimming does scare many people, that is understandable.

Many people usually ask ” Why would I cut my hair if I want it to grow?” You will stop asking that question once you learn the importance and benefits of trimming.

Trichotillomania Explanation:

To gain and maintain length of your hair, you must pay attention to the hair ends.Your hair strands are very similar to a plant, there are 3 majors parts to the hair which is the root, stem and end. The root or hair bulb is the start of life for any hair follicle. Next is the stem of the hair follicle which is part of the hair that is seen petruding out from the scalp. Lastly, the end, where the hair follicle ends and is  the most fragile part of the hair follicle.

Hair ends are constantly being attacked by the environment ( hot, moist or cold ,dry air), combs and other hair utensils ( blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons etc.). Like most fragile things, it will crack or break under the pressure. This is known as split ends. The only remedy to cure split ends are to trim them. The splitting of hair ends is what stops the lengthening process of hair follicles.

The hair follicle never stops growing. As new growth occurs, the split end will continue to split up the stem of the hair follicle causing the end to break. If the end of the hair keeps breaking off that the hair follicle will not be able to maintain its length and or become longer.

There are preventative actions that can prolong or control the splitting process. Moisturizing your hair twice daily will help keep hair flexible and supple to combat against any attack. You can also try not to use too many hair apparatuses on your hair daily.

As stated above, trimming is the only cure for split ends. Having atleast one trim per season would be great. The best regimen is to have trim every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Keeping the ends of your hair maintained will ensure healthier , thicker and longer hair growth. This also helps with a speedier growth cycle.

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Dread Extensions for Dread Repair!

The Dread Lock hair style is a historical representation of how hair can be simple , strong and unique. Dreads are unquestionably beautiful but no one with them predicts a future with hair loss. This can certainly be the future for any dread locks wearer. Why you ask?

Trichological Explanation:

A dread lock is created when stray, frayed or roughened hair are coiled around each other with the use of several different techniques ( palm rolling, latch hook and two strand twist transitioning).

Each time the root of the dread lock is twisted each hanging tendril becomes heavier. On some dread heads the weight can weaken the roots. That can cause the hair to thin from the scalp. Leaving the scalp with widening scalp partings and bald spots.

The shaft can be experience damage from poor hair care maintenance. it can be lumpy and disfigured because of density change up the shaft of the hair. It can also have breakage points within the dread and weak or split ends causing slow and abnormal growth pattern.

Fortunately, there are several solution to fix a damaged and/or distorted dread lock.

My first Suggestion is to always follow a regimented sequence of hair care. Making sure you are getting routine trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Try to avoid trimming up along the sides of the shaft. Wash with shampoo and deep condition only once a month. Cleanse scalp with apple cider vinegar or witch hazel or pure aloe gel from the leave to control smells, sebum and salt secretion. Moisturize daily. Do an oil treatment every two weeks.

You may also suggest to your stylist to Join two or three of the dreads together in the most sensitive areas on the head ( hairline and top crown). This joining technique can strengthen the foundation of the dread lock but the stem will increase in width. This might be unflattering if you would like to have a small to medium size dread.

The best solution is using a dread extension. This will help to seal around your already formed dread and make it one smooth shape. Human extension hair can also be used to to wrap the root and strengthen the foundation gently without creating a larger width dread lock. It can also help with finishing ends or increasing length.

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Quick Weave…Slow Harm

There are many methods that are used to apply a “Quick Weave”. This post is highlighting a unique technique to applying machine wefted hair to a person’s head. This technique includes the use of glue and gel all in the same hair service. the steps to this method are:

1) Relax your hair or wash you hair if it is already natural straight or chemically straightened.

2) After wash, apply leave-in conditioner and wrap the wet hair around your head.

3) Seal the wrap with a thick layer of gel.

4) Sit under the dryer for 20-30 minutes until hair is dry and hard. This is now the prepared base for wefts.

5) Start attaaching wefts to the base with glue row by row until the head is covered.

6) Cut and style as desired.

Pro: You may achieve your desired final result much faster than a sewn in process.


1) Gel is drying to the hair because it contains alcohol.

2) Your scalp will not be able to breathe or receive moisture which is vital to healthy hair growth.

3) You will not be able to cleanse your scalp, which can result in clogged pores and dandruff.

4) Your hair will smell terrible because the scalp is unable to sloth off  dead skin cells, salt  and sebum emissions and shed any dead hair strands from the day before.

5) It will not last as long as a sewn in weave. frequent  reattachment of  the wets with the use of glue can cause long term damage to the hair shaft.

6) Machine wefts are bulky and will still cause some apparent lumps in the hair.

In conclusion, your hair will not benefit  from the use of this method.  In order to get  great hair extension results, you must have a healthy base. Any sewn in or strand by strand method would be ideal.

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