Salon Week # 1: You get what you pay for.

Dear Sweeties,

I want to welcome you all to a new Salon Journey for Sweet Serenity LLC. The salon is celebrating 10 years of  hair loss helping, hairpiece and real hair fixing,  and emotionally support giving experiences. This year will be the start of a weekly salon lesson blog series.

Let’s begin with ” You get what you pay for”. This message applies to all aspects of life but more importantly to hairpieces/ hair services in conjunction with Sweet Serenity LLC. The basic formula to want to pay for products and services that are worth it. No negotiations are allowed for quality.

I have personally experienced purchasing discounted wigs, wefts and services then received lower quality product and salon treatment. Each of my current clients have at least one tragic tale of mediocre services and subpar prepackaged hair used in previous salon experience before joining the hair program at Sweet Serenity LLC.

My professional suggestion is to pay for quality.  You will receive higher quality products, better benefits and a luxurious experience with having that attitude. Luxury hairpieces of any kind works best with opulent base material and luxurious human donor hair. I know that the price  can be on the higher end of your budget but if you find a great hair company with competent and compassionate suppliers, you may luck out with a great non discounted deal.

Once you find that Great hair company, pay consistently and do not negotiate for a higher quality experience that you want and need. Have a great hair day!

Winsom Henriques, President

Information provided by Sweet Serenity LLC.

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