Wearing Hats in the Winter

The winter season has arrived and protecting your body  is imperative. Wearing a warm hat will not only keep you warm but can also provide powerful protection against the cold environment. How you ask? Well let me explain.

The most sensitive parts of your body is where heat can escape. Usually heat escapes your body from the soles of your feet and the mole of your head. The mole of the head is the center most spot in the top crown area of your head. By Covering the mole of your head, you will automatically prohibit any heat from leaving your  body. Thus , using your own body temperature to keep you warm.

During winter months, the air is usually  very dry which is good because bacteria can not live to long  in  cold temperature.  That is why bacteria loves to enter our bodies because we are a  warm, moist  vessel for them to hibernate in until the weather is warmer.

Another benefit to covering your head with a hat is protecting your hair and scalp. Since the  cold , crisp air transmitted into the environment during this season is very dry. When exposed to it , our hair and scalp can become very dry also. Wearing a hat will lock in all moisture secreted or added to hair while a you are out in the environment. Be careful to wear a silk, satin or nylon scarf under your winter hats. Most winter hats are made out of fabrics such as wool or cotton that ,with friction from placement and removal of the hat, could lead to hair breakage and sometimes thinness.

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Stress Management While You Shampoo

Unbearable stress is common for most women with hair loss. Hair loss is a difficult situation to handle especially for women. The best way to handle it is to create a stress management routine. Having a routine allows you to create an outlet for your stress and anxiety. Creating a a simple routine by including daily activities such as shampooing your hair can relieve much or your stress and anxiety.

The way to transform your shampooing experience into a powerful stress manager is by adding essential oils to you hair cleansing products. Adding essential oils such as eucalyptus, almond or cinnamon to your hair cleansing products will make shampooing you hair feel like an aromatherapy spa treatment. Using essential oils are both soothing and beneficial for scalp and hair. By the end of your shampooing experience , you will feel revive and stress free.

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Zinc: The Beauty Superhero

Zinc is to the rescue!!!!!!!! Usually found in most lean meats, kiwi, avocado and even caviar has scientifically been proven to be beneficial for hair, nails and skin. It is the hottest new mineral that has been recently added as a key ingredient to most beauty products. Here’s a list of the incredible things that Zinc can do:

1) Helps to eliminate and fights symptoms that causes Dandruff.

2) Keeps hair growing stronger and longer.

3) Reduces acne.

4) Fights cold sores.

5) Combats Eczema

6) Helps to clarify and repair skin tone.

7) Prevents cuticle damage due to scratching and itching.

To make sure your hair, nails and skin gets their healthy dose of Zinc everyday, Look for beauty products that contain pyrithione zinc (ZPT).

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The Truth About Lacefront Wigs

Lace front wigs, the entertainment industry has promoted them and the cosmetology industry has capitalize from them. Lace front wigs are hand crafted with material ( nylon ). Hair Fibers are hand tied strand by strand to the ventilated base. It must be attached to the head with an adhesive solution or double sided tape. They have become the newest and biggest trend of believable hair extension but to what extent will you sacrifice your health for a hairstyle?

The damage of your natural hair is overshadowed by the promise of beautiful fake strands and undetectable hair lines. Step into the light ,Ladies! The use of adhesive ( weave bond, keratin adhesive, double sided tape, etc.) to attach hair to your head is not safe. Do you not understand that the apoxy from the adhesive will be absorbed into your pores and the result can be devasting.

It might not happen today but similar to HIV, it can take time slowly attacking your body. Health First ! Hair style Second!!!!

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Warning:Summer Hair needs Summer Care!

Recent summer temperatures have prompted many women to apply hair enhancements onto their own hair. Whether braids, weaves or wigs, this can be considered an avoidance of basic hair care during the summer. If worn for a long period of time without proper maintenance to your own hair, all of these methods can cause hair and/or scalp damage.

Today, this post is to remind those women that wear any type of hair enhancement, especially during the summer, to see their hair stylist for routine maintenance. Most women that are not hair stylist themselves can not maintain their own strands without enhancements. So it would be that much harder for you to to take care of your hair enhancements.

Here are some starter tips to help you care for your Summer hair:

1) Wash hair atleast once every week.

2) Use leave in conditioner to protect hair strands from heat and UV rays from the sun.

3) Apply sunscreen to the scalp on any parted section. ( Side or Center part).

4) Let your hair air dry ( if possible) or use a lower heat setting on your blow dryer.

5) If you can’t wash your hair weekly, use an astringent ( Sea breeze ) every three days to rinse away dead skin cells, sweat, oil build up and salt from the scalp surface.

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Summer Solution for Summer Hair!

The Summer months are hot and  can cause skin, scalp and hair to be sticky. I know that no one enjoys that feeling. Most of my clients have told me that they usually remedy this problem by washing their hair more frequently. Unfortunately, that remedy can make the problem worse.

There is a better solution which is Astrigent. Astringent has a gentle cleansing quality that rinses away all impurities from the skin and scalp. It does not strip away vital oils that the skin and scalp needs to stay soft and pliable. You can use this as a great alternative to reduce the frequency of shampooing.

Trichology Explanation

During the summer, the skin and scalp produces more sweat for biological air conditioning and oil for sun protection. Environmental pollutants and bacteria attach to your hair causing it to smell and feel “Dirty”. If you shampoo your hair more frequently, it will completely strip the impurities and beneficial oils from your hair. Your body will respond by working furiously to produce even more oil and sweat. To combat dirt and keep hair and scalp balanced ( free from “Dirt”,sustaining a significant oil level for sun protection and the release of sweat for body cooling ), using astringent is essential.

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Help For Hairpulling (Trichotillomania) #2

The best help that I can give to any hair puller is education. Trichotillomania has recently been categorized as a psychocutaneous condition. Psychocutaneous medicine is the marriage of Dermatology and Psychiatry. Physicians within this type of medicine claim that the diagonistic terminology refering to this self inflicting nervous condition is potentially insulting to the patients/clients that have it.

The term “Trichotillomania” in itself has a general negative connotation. When a patient/client is diagnosed with this self inflicting nervous condition, it results in denial and resistance to treatment. Physicians are proposing to eliminate the term and replace it with ” Neuromechanical Alopecia (NMA)”. NMA accurately describes the nature of the condition without the undesirable negative connotation.

What do you think of the revised name?

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Accurate Alopecia Analysis

 Dermatologist have the ability to analyze the scalp for most hair disorders. My recent  customer consultations have alerted to the lack of care by medical professionals. During my consultation, I asked  rountine diagnosed questions. I was astonished by the reactions. The potential clients did not know any answers to the questions. This prompted me to write this post which will discuss the composition of a complete diagnosis by a Dermatologist.

There are several things that Dermatologist should test before giving you an accurate alopecia analysis:

1) You must have blood work done to see if  the hair loss is caused by an autoimmune problem, genetics or forceful extraction.

2) They should take a sample of your hair around the area of hair loss to test.

3) The should perform a biopsy or ” Scalp Scraping” to test the cells is area of hair loss.

After Receiving all of these results, the Dermatologist should be able to give you a clear, concise and complete diagonosis.

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Short Cut To A Successful Short Style!

Pixie, Fringe,Shag or flips are all cute short styles for the summer season . If  you are thinking about taking  more than couple inches off of your hair do but are not sure it will work for you.  There is a trick of the trade that will help you determine if you are ready to look like a classic Halle Berry or Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The Trick:

Comb your hair straight back ( put into a pony tail, if long enough) off of your face. If you are comfortable with the way your ears and neck look when hair is pulled back then you would be comortable with a style that is above ear length. Most short styles are ear length and expose both the ears and neck.

If you are not comfortable, do not cut hair shorter than nape or shoulder length. This will give minimanl exposure of neck and your ears are completely hidden.

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Conditioner is Not a Cure ALL!

I am not sure when most hair salons adopted the notion that conditioner is the cure all for any hair damage situation. Well, Let me be the first to state “ Conditioner is not a Cure ALL!“. The function of conditioner is to close the cuticle layer ( outer most layer) of the hair shaft.When the cuticle layer is closed, the hair strand has protection against the environmental pollutent, heat and other dangerous conditionthat could cause harm to your hair. There are two types of Conditioners : Rebuilding/reconstructing and Basic.

Basic conditioner is used only after shampoo. All Shampoos have low level of chemical to help loosen the dirt and remove the dirt, salt and oil from the hair strands. During this process, the cuticle layer is slightly opened. Basic conditioner is used to close the cuticle. Then the hair strands are less likely to split or tangle.

Rebuilding/reconstucting conditioner has the same function as basic conditioner but is stronger and only used after chemical services ( relaxers, perms, permanent hair color, and texturizers). Since all of those chemical services consist of high level chemicals , It completely opens the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair strand. The rebuilder/reconstructor is strong enough to completely close cuticle if used properly succeeding a neutralizing or pH balancing shampoo.

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