Hair Tool for Hair Hats!

I know you are confused and asking ” What are hair hats?”. The answer is simple ” Bad Wigs”. Wigs that are soooooooo noticeable ( too long, bulky etc.) they appear to be hats on both men and women’s head.

If you have this problem, there is a simple hair tool that can help you. This tool is called a Thinning Shear. Thinning Shears are unique in look and function. It is comprised of one full blade and one cerated blade that resembles a comb. The shears composition aids in its special function of thinning out hair. You will not cut down the length of the hair style as in using regular scissors or razors but lessen the volume gradually.

Here are som tips for Wig Thinning:

1) Never thin out wigs by the hairline.

2) Never thin out hair on the top crown.

3) Try not to over thin one area.

4) Take your time when thinning, you don’t want to have to purchase wigs frequently.

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Triumph Over Traction Alopecia #1 (Braids)

Traction alopecia is forceful extraction of hair fibers out the scalp. This common hair loss condition can be caused by tight ponytails, braids, weaves, wigs, certain hats and even Trichotillomania. It can be found on many adults and as well as children. In this post, I would like to start to move toward victory by first discussing Braids. I definetly believe that cornrows, box braids, flat twist, single twist etc. are all healthy hair style choices for your hair.

With that being said, now you ask ” How do these healthy hair style choices produce hair loss?”

It actually depends on the person performing the braiding service. Both licensed and non-licensed cosmetologist can cause traction alopecia to start because of the tension that is used while making the braid. Some people have the notion ” The tighter the braid, then the longer the style will stay”.That statement is completely false. Braids can be secure without harsh pulling or extreme tension on the hair fibers and scalp.

It is unfortunate that even children can get traction alopecia, but there are ways to prevent it. Below are a few tips to help Triuph over Traction Alopecia:

1) Try not to braid hair back all the time.

2) If adding extensions, try to avoid tight braiding around the hairline. The follicles are more porous and fragile in this area.

3) There should be a cushion of hair under each individual corn row you do.

4) Do not keep braided extensions intermingled with your own hair over a long period of time ( More than 2 months). It is supposed to be a temporary  hair style.

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Tracks TKO ( Machine Wefts)

Machine wefts are a thing of the past. I can’t believe that most beauty supply store and hair salons are still selling machine wefts. For your information, hair tracks that are created by the machine wefted method are usually contain a bulkier and thicker base than other hair pieces and wefts. The base of the machine weft makes it difficult to blend the weft with your own natural hair.

Common Sense:

Usually women use wefted hair as an affordable choice of hair extension. I understand that you are trying to be fashionably up to date and simultaneously cost efficient…..But the common result of attaching any type of extension is that it should look believable or atleast consistent with your own hair.

It is very hard to achieve a believable result with thick wefts. When usinig machine wefts, the attachment method is usually visible to the naked eye…Seeing the lumps and bumps of a machine wefted weave is definitely not fashionable.

But then you ask: ” What other type of hair extension can I use that is better than the Machine Weft but won’t cost and arm,a leg and a couple of teeth?”LOL . There are hand-tied wefts, Matrix hairpieces, and micro-thin skin wefts; to name a few. For more information about these products, go to Sweet Serenity

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Healthy Snacks For Healthy Strands!

We have all heard this statment before: “Eating the correct foods can result in endless health benefits”. We all know that the correct foods consist mainly of fruits and vegetables because they are rich in compounds called phytonutrients….But Which fruit and vegetables gives us the greatest health benefit for our hair?

I have recently found the answer: Yellow fruits and vegetables. Any food that is saturated with this natural color is known to help boost the immune system. Consequently, If your immune system is healthy then your hair will be in top notch shape.

Most hair loss conditions found in women are side effects of autoimmune problems or stress. If you incorporate more yellow fruits and vegetables in your diet, it will help strengthen your immune system so you can fight off many of those autoimmune problems such as Hyper thyroidism, Hypo thyroidism, alopecia areata and etc.

So help your hair strands become healthier by eating peaches, bananas, squash,corn, sweet potato or etc.

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Hair Relaxer or HAir Remover?

I will start this post with simple chemistry. There are 3 types of hair relaxers: Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), No-lye (Guanidine Hydroxide) and Ammonium Thioglycolate. Most no-lye relaxers contain a chemical called Guanidine Hydroxide. Guanidine Hydroxide is made of guanidine carbonate + Calcium Hydroxide. Calcium Hydroxide is the key activating ingredient in most hair removers. Guanidine carbonate slows the speed of the Calcium Hydroxide to activate ( process the hair) in the hair relaxers.

More Shocking Information:

Both hair removers and hair relaxers affects the hair in the same way. They both open the cuticle layer and break the hydrogen and ionic bonds in the hair strands to change the hair structure. The hair relaxers just process slower and then is chemically stopped by the use of a Neutralizing Shampoo.

On the other hand, hair removers processing is not stopped or slowed down. They contain a higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide. Both hydrogen and Ionic bonds are broken down until they don’t exist and the hair strands completely melt off.

If left on for longer than the suggested time, hair relaxers can produce the same result.


Ask Yourself “Is my hair getting thinner with every relaxer I receive?”

Information provided By Sweet Serenity LLC.

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Help For Hairpulling ( Trichotillomania)#1

Obsessive compulsive hairpulling or best known as Trichotillomania is more common than most people think. It is a self inflicted form of stress relief. The majority of my clientele has this nervous condition. My clientele is the inspiration for new combative techniques to help cope with Trichotillomania. I am not an advocate of medications and personally do not think that work for people with Trich.

The best way, I know, to deal with Trich is behavioral therapy. Basically retraining someone’s mind to do something else to gain stress relief that will not result in self harm.

My newest suggestion is Bubble Wrap. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like to play with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is the free bonus gift with any package delivery you receive.

You can buy Bubble Wrap from any office supply store ( Staples, Office Depot, etc.). Once purchased, you can cut into little squares and keep it in your bag or pocket. Whenever you get nervous, stress,anxious etc. pull it out or keep concealed in your bag and pop away! I honestly believe this will calm you down.

For more information,Go to and

If you have any other suggestion,please post it. I would appreciate all new information.

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Wash Your Weave!

If you are wearing false hair ( wigs, hairpieces, hair weft, tracks or braided extensions), you must remember to keep your own natural hair clean. So many women put on extensions and automataically think that they do not have to touch their hair ( for months at a time). WRONG! You must still care for your own hair during this time. In some instances, you might have to care for your own hair even more.

Common Sense:

You wash the skin on your body Everyday! The scalp is skin on the top of your head that must be cleansed on a regular basis also. I do not advise washing your hair everyday because you will strip it of its natural oils but atleast once a week is sufficient.

Trichology Explanation:

You must keep your scalp more so while wearing false hair because environment pollutants, dead skills and perspiration can stay trapped in the extensions. This cause hair to smell, itch and could lead to more severe hair/scalp conditions ( dandruff, dermatitia,psoriasis etc.). Shampooing regularly scrubs and rinses away all of the impurities on the scalp and hair that was left from the previous day.


Don’t think, I don’t see you females patting your head to stop the itching. Well, I would think all that patting would knock some sense into you.

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Dandruff Dilemma

Moisturizing your mane is very important. More importantly, knowing the correct products to use. Use (in small amount) a product that has the consistency of oil or spray that usually leaves no residue. If you are currently using cream, pomade, heavy greases or gel, these products leave residue on the hair, which can cause dandruff.

Common Sense:

All skin cells die and flake off everyday. These cells are usually too small to be visible. You ask “ Where Do They Go?” The flakes are brushed or combed out daily into the environment. If there is a sticky substance on the scalp, this will prevent dead skin cells from flaking off. Everyday more and more flakes will appear and attach to the flake from the previous day. This causes a build up. The size of the flakes increases and becomes more noticeable. Thus, the birth of Dandruff.

Trichology Explanation:

Dandruff a.k.a Scurf or historically known as Pityriasis Capitis is the inability of proper exfoliation of scalp’s dead skin cells, salt from perspiration, sebum (oil from sebaceous gland), environmental pollutants and containment particles. If there is a blockage of the pores in the scalp, it is very difficult to remove dead skin cells, salt and sebum from the hair. It would need a small amount of chemical found in most shampoos or astringents to wash and rinse dead cells, salt and sebum away.

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Moisturize Your Mane!

Being a cosmetologist, I have met so many women that do not moisturize their hair daily. No matter the ethnic background, hair texture type or age, some women are neglecting their hair. The top reason I receive from some women who don’t moisturize their strands is “Lazy-Nessssssssssssssss”.

Common Sense:

Your hair follicles are an extension of you skin. If you moisturize your skin daily then why not do the same to your hair. You apply lotion or cream to your skin to keep it soft, pliable, shiny and smooth.Why not apply the same concept to your hair?

Trichology Explanation:

Applying a daily moisturizer to your hair strands will help to keep the cuticle layer closed. The cuticle layer is the most important part of the hair strand. It is the outer most layer which provides the hair and body with protection against the environment (hot or cold), pollution and even vigorous brushing or combing. When the cuticle layer is closed, the hair strand is softer, shinier, smoother and more pliable because there are no breaks or porous openings in the hair stand.

Give Your Hair Proctection, NOT Pain! Moisturize Your Mane!

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